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Molly Katherine Dwight

Molly is a visual designer and artist working in central Texas. She received her BFA in Communication Design and Studio Art–Ceramics from Texas State University in San Marcos. Her work focuses on people's’ stories and sharing connections through a range of media. From books to sculptures she can figure how to communicate the necessary concepts for her audiences to understand. Molly is currently living in central Texas where she works as a book binder and professor assistant at Texas State University.

I am an empathetic and compassionate person. I thrive on connecting with others and hearing their personal stories. Connecting with people through the act of making enables me to integrate my personal experiences with the experiences of those around me. I am a Designer and Ceramicist; my work focuses on connecting with people visually and tacitly through a clear and deliberate communication of ideas.

As a designer I primarily focus on using the format of books. When I design books, I focus on the synesthetic feeling of the book, where sight and touch bounce back and forth and balance each other. Each decision I make (from choosing the typeface of the text to the texture of the paper) attempts to communicate an emotion, not just a story. Similarly, the ceramic sculptures that I make are concerned with evoking an emotional response rather than a particular narrative. I create textured ceramic sculptures using crackling, crazing, and foaming glazes in which I communicate emotions and people’s stories. Through a specific texture on my sculpture I can change the voice of my work from curiosity to one of unease.

Clay has a natural forgiving quality that I find meditative. In the studio I can endlessly push around the same lump of clay—forming, destroying, and reforming in an attempt to explore and reflect on my thoughts and emotions. This quality has helped me cope with my own internal emotional struggles. Through bookmaking I am also able to contemplate stories others have written held within the pages and let myself be swept away into the joyful process of creating. I am driven by the notion that when the work is complete, people are able to connect and interact with it. This is a reciprocal relationship between me and the viewers: one of connection through making and viewing.

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